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Pettycash Loan: Requirements, Interest Rate, Get Up To N50,000, Apply Now

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Writing on the Pettycash review today, we will be dealing with this particular loans and everything relating to it i.e. requirements, interest rate, repayment plan, eligibility and how to apply.
Before we proceed with the writing, lets first explain what Pettycash is all about.

Pettycash Loan

About Pettycash Loan

Pettycash is a lending firm that has customers all over the 36 states in Nigeria. The loan provider here does not have any branch as of the time of writing this article but they have enough employees who are dedicated to helping their customers to borrow and invest funds.
The loan provider offers fully digital experience by providing loans strictly for salary earners (employment men and women) in Nigeria through their employer or individually this means that their customers can access loans anytime and anywhere.

Types of loans offered by Pettycash

They offers five different types of loan which are;

  • Federal staff loan

Federal staff loan is loans designed mainly for the federal government staff in Nigeria. The loan amount ranges from N5,000 to N50,000.
You can apply for the Federal staff loan HERE

  • Pettycash Plus

Pettycash plus can also be called an emergency loan. You can access up to N5000 withing 5 minutes and the loan is strictly for salary earners.
You can apply for the loan HERE

  • Pettycash personal loan

Pettycash personal loan is a quick loan for salary earners in Nigeria. With pettycash personal loans, you can get 20% of your monthly salary until your payday. Bank statements and direct debit are applied.
You can apply for pettycash personal loan HERE

  • Pettycash NYSC loan
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Pettycash NYSC loan is a loan designed for corp members who are still serving in Nigeria. The loan amount ranges from N1,000 to N5,000.
The loan is yet to be approved by the companies as of the time of writing this article.

  • Pettycash market women

The pettycash market women loan is loan offered to Nigerian women traders in the selected Markets in Nigeria.
The loan is still coming soon as of the time of writing this article.
Note that the loan provider doesn’t focus on giving out loans to individuals who are employed, they also provide an investment plan that is to say you can as well invest funds with pettycash.

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Sokoloan Office Address in Lagos; Exact Sokoloan Office

How does pettycash works?

First, fill the online application form, Wait for them to review your application and if approved you will receive your loan directly to your bank account in less then 2 hours.

How much can I borrow from pettycash?

Yes, you can borrow up to N50,000 from Pettycash. Note that the amount approvable depends on your credit score and that’s why we always advise you pay off your loan before or on the agreed date to avoid having been reported to the credit bureau which can also affect your employment.
Can I apply anytime?
Yes, you can apply for a pettycash loan anytime anywhere. they are 24 hours active for their customers.
Can I get a higher amount of more than N50,000?
No, N50,000 is their maximum loan limit.
Why is my bank account required?
They disburse money to the bank account you provided. Note that the bank account you provided should bear your full and correct name.

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Pettycash loan repayment

The repayment has been made easy and less stressful, you don’t need to visit any bank for the repayment.
Haven provided your bank details when applying for the loan, your loan will be automatically deducted from your account on the agreed date (salary day).

Pettycash referral program

They do not have any referral program at the time of writing this review but we will keep you posted if they later introduce referral programs on their system.

Pettycash loan interest rate

  • N5,000 for 15days loan. Repayment – N5,625
  • N5,000 for 30days loan . Repayment – N6,250
  • N10,000 for 15days loan . Repayment- N11,250
  • N10,000 for 30days loan. Repayment- N12,500
  • N15,000 for 15days loan, Repayment- N16,875
  • N15,000 for 30days Loan. Repayment – N18,750
  • N20,000 for 15days Loan. Repayment- N22,500
  • N20,000 for 30days Loan. Repayment- N25,000
  • N25,000 for 15days loan- Repayment- N28,125
  • N25,000 for 30days Loan- Repayment- N31,250
  • N30,000 for 15days Loan- Repayment- N33,750
  • N30,000 for 30days Loan – Repayment- N37,500
  • N35,000 for 15days Loan- Repayment- N39,375
  • N35,000 for 30days Loan- Repayment- N43,750
  • N40,000 for 15days loan. Repayment- N45,000
  • N40,000 for 30days loan, Repayment- N50,000
  • N50,000 for 15days Loan. Repayment – N56,250
  • N50,000 for 30days Loan. Repayment- N 62,500

Pettycash loan requirements

  • Bank account.
  • BVN (Bank Verification Number).
  • A valid work ID card.

You can visit the Pettycash website for more inquiries.
For those who are not employed, don’t worry you can as well get a loan from other loan providers like Fairmoney, Palmcredit, and Renmoney.
If you have any questions concerning this loan provider or other loan providers that we have written about, you can reach us through the contact page we are ever ready to attend to your questions.

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