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Branch Loan SMS Number: Contact Number, Requirements, Apply Now

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Branch Loan SMS Number: As of the time of writing this loan review, we regret to tell you that they do want to receive a call from their customers and i.e. they do not have a customer care number/service.

You can contact them by sending a mail to [email protected] or [email protected] Note, that you may not get a reply, and even if you will get it will take a lot of time for them to reply to your mail.

Branch: Did you arrive at this post looking for a way to get a loan from the branch? It may interest you to know that you can get up to 200k from the branch without any collateral.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to access loans using the branch mobile app, how to repay their loan, their customer care services, and their interest rate.
Firstly, let’s start by telling you what branch is all about.

Branch Loan
Photocredit: Branch

About Branch Loan?

The branch Loan is an international company which is located in Nigeria and many other countries like India, Kenya, Mexico City, Tanzania, Nairobi, Mexico Mumbai, United States of America, and San Francisco.

Accessing a branch loan can only be done through a mobile phone, i.e. you don’t need any paperwork or any collateral before you can get a loan from a branch loan review.

Branch loan review offers five different types of loans to their customers which are listed below;

  1. Medical loan
  2. Business loan
  3. Traveling loan
  4. Personal loan
  5. Emergency loan

Eligibility Criteria

How does Branch make a lending decision?

The branch uses data from your mobile phone, including your SMS messages, and credit and debit alerts from your bank to automatically make a lending decision.

They combine this information with your Branch loan review repayment history to build an individualized credit score that determines the loan offers you receive.

How does a Branch loan work? (Branch Loan SMS Number)

Accessing a branch loan is very easy although it depends on your credit score

  • First, download the branch application.
  • Create an account (which doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.
  • Apply for the loan.
  • Finally, you’ll receive your loan directly to your bank account.

Branch loan requirements

All you need in applying for a branch loan are;

  • Your Smartphone (Android or iOS).
  • Your bank verification number (BVN).
  • Your mobile number (It must be linked up with your BVN).
  • And your bank account.
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In order to determine your loan offer, the lending company makes use of information on your Smartphone including SMS messages, location (automatic turning on of GPS) and also your credit score which is the most important.

NOTE. It’s very important to maintain a good credit score because it brings you closer to a higher amount and also make sure you apply using your own mobile number and phone.

Branch Loan App (Branch Loan SMS Number)

After reading this article and you find Branch loan worth getting a loan from you can download the Branch loan app through your Google play store

Branch loan interest rate

Branch monthly interest rate ranges from 1% to 21%, it varies from person to person and also depends on your credit score, your bank transaction history, length of repayment, and many others.

NOTE. If you have bad credit, you will probably get a higher interest rate also, if you have a good credit history, you will probably get a lower interest rate.

How to apply for Branch loan in Nigeria

Before you could think of applying for a branch loan, make sure you have the branch mobile app and also an account with them,

Listed below is how you can apply for a branch loan;

  • Download the branch application.
  • Login to the branch loan app, and click on the menu in the left corner.
  • Click on my loans.
  • Enter your desired amount and the duration of time you want the loan.
  • Choose your bank from the supported banks listed on the app.
  • Click on request for this loan.
  • After reviewing the information you provided, click on “Apply” to finally apply for your loan.

Branch Loan SMS Number; Branch loan repayment

Making a repayment of the loan borrowed is easy with the branch loan mobile app; NOTE that you will get a friendly reminder one week before the expiration of your loan.

Below are the steps in making a repayment of the loan on branch.

  • Open the branch app on your Smartphone.
  • Click on my loan.
  • Click on the “Tap to pay”.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay back, sometimes you will other payments and full or complete payments.
  • Your repayment can be done through your bank account i.e. direct debit or through your ATM card.
  • Select “Bank account or Card” it all depends on how you want it.
  • Finally, click on the continue button.

NOTE: It does take up to one week before you can receive a debit message from your bank

If you a making a repayment with your bank account, you may receive a verification code from your bank though not always. And if you choose to pay with your ATM card, you should expect an automatic deduction from your account.

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In most cases your payment may not go through within 24hour, it is a result of not paying back with a bank account or ATM card that is not yours.

Late repayment

What happens if I miss my repayment? 

It’s important to pay each installment by its due date to be able you build up your credit score and increase your loan limit.

Late repayment will affect your ability to get subsequent or larger loans. If you make a late repayment, the loan provider will report you to the National Credit Reference Bureau(NCRB) and is listed with the (NCRB) will automatically block you from getting access to loans from other money lending companies and will also affect your ability to get a job with certain employers.

Branch loan repayment via cash

Most of their customers prefer making a repayment via cash and if you happen to be one of them, these steps are for you.

Using the NIBSS e-Bill Pay go to any bank near you expect GTB use the information provided below to fill the deposit slip.

  • Account name -BRANCH INC.
  • Depositors mobile number- use your mobile number preferably the one on your branch account.
  • Depositors name- your name preferably the name on your branch account.
  • Finally, add the amount you intend paying in.

NOTE: You will pay an N100 fee most important, don’t forget to keep a receipt of your repayment slip that should e proof of your repayment in case any error arises.

Branch loan repayment with a debit card

How can I repay my loan on branch with my debit card?

  • From “My loan” tap the round ‘Tap to pay button.
  • Select the amount you wish to repay.
  • After you have made your repayment selection tap ‘continue’
  • On the ‘select Repayment Method’ screen, select ‘Debit Card’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Add your ‘Debit Card’ (ATM) card details.
  • Card number (16 or 19-digit in front of your card).
  • The card expiry date (Month and Year in which your card expires)
  • CVV (a 3-digit number at the back of your card)
  • After you have filled in the details, tap ‘continue’
  • Choose your auto-debit setting under ‘Payment Option’ and tap ‘Continue’.
  • To secure your payment, some banks will ask for your pin or send a security code to your phone.
  • Your repayment is done. If successful, your account will be updated automatically within a few seconds.
  • Please note that no fee will be charged to you for this transaction.
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What happens to loan defaulters or what happens if you fail to pay back your loan as when due
For you to increase your loan limit which is gaining access to higher loans, you are expected to pay back your loan on or before the expiration date.

In a situation whereby a customer fails to pay back his/her loan as when due, the loan provider may report the person to the national credit bureau.

I.e., he/she will be blacklisted and it will also be difficult to access another loan from the same loan provider or in any other loan company.

Most time you will succeed in getting a loan from another loan company but it will be with very high interest, unlike the other customers.

Is Branch loan legit?

Writing according to my experience with them, I can say that they are 100%  safe for use, if I may ask, is there a way money can be stolen from your account with just the BVN… the answer is no, and mind you that Branch is an international money lending company located in many other foreign countries like India, United States of America, Mexico, and Tanzania.

What is saying, in essence, is that the loan provider is 100% safe to use all your information both your BVN and other personal information are safe with Branch.

Wrap Up

Before applying for a loan on branch do make sure you can pay it back as of when due because branch does not extend their repayment date, unlike other loan companies.

If you have any questions on this post or if you need any assistance or guard, you can reach us through our contact page.

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