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Snapcredit Loan: Requirements, Interest Rate, Get Up To N1Million Naira

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Snapcredit: Are you employed and needed an emergency loan, think of Snapcredit loan. Note that the loan is strictly designed for employed men and women in Nigeria. However, if you are not employed and you still need a loan don’t worry we get you covered. There are many other loan providers that offer loans both to employed and unemployed like Branch, Carbon paylater, Renmoney.

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Writing on Snapcredit loan review, we will look at how you can apply for a loan on snapcredit,requirements,repayment plan, and interest rate.
Haven known that you must be employed before you think of applying for this loan, lets now look down on what loan service is all about.

What snapcredit is all about

Snapcredit is a lending company founded in 2014. They aimed at helping employers who are interested in getting financial support by providing a loan for them to meet with their immediate needs.
Note that this loan provider will only offer you a loan when you apply through your company or employer who must be verified by them.

Snapcredit loan

What does Snapcredit do?

They are bent on providing instant financial solutions to employees. They work hand in hand with employers and provide their staff (employees) with an online platform to access loans to solve their immediate monetary problems.
Their platform eliminates all the hassle and gives employees instant 24/7 access to credit at very competitive and fair interest rates

How to apply for Snapcredit loan

Applying for a snapcredit loan is very easy, simple and accessible. Every process is done online, with no paperwork or collateral;

  • Login to their official website and select the amount of money you want and the desired duration of the loan.
  • Choose your preferred repayment schedule.
  • Submit your request.
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The money will be sent to your bank account within minutes of your confirmed request.

Snapcredit loan requirements

The requirements for getting a snapcredit loan is what everyone can afford;

  • You must be in paid employment.
  • Provide your bank details where your loan will be disbursed to.

How much can I get from snapcredit?

The amount you get from this loan provider varies from person to person. There are many critical that snapcredit consider before determining the amount of loan to be given to a person.
Furthermore, the longer you stay with your company the higher the amount you will probably get.
Another thing that enhances the amount you get is the more salary you earn from your company, the higher the loan amount you get.
Most importantly, the more you borrow and payback, the higher the amount you stand to get.
You can get access up to N1million naira if you are well paid and has a long history of working for your company.

Snapcredit loan interest rate

The interest rate depends on the amount of money you want to borrow and your preferred repayment schedule.
They provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your needs and capabilities and they also do their best to give excellent and fair pricing.
In order to see actual numbers just log in and play with our calculators – all the information is presented clearly.

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Snapcredit loan repayment

Snapcredit loan repayments are done through your salary. When your employer pays your salary he deducts the loan repayments and pays us directly.
You receive your salary as usual to your bank account minus the repayments.
Snapcredit loan contact number and customer care services
If you encounter any problem while registering for a snapcredit loan, you can contact them by sending mail to [email protected].
Snapcredit does not have any contact number of the time of writing this article but if they later do we will update you on that.

What happens if I don’t pay back my loan?

If for any reason what so ever you do not repay your debt and have not been in touch with us in order to discuss various recovery options, the following things can occur:

  • Suspension to our lending service
  • Involvement with outside collection agencies
  • Legal action
  • Reporting your account delinquency to multiple credit bureaus and other governmental agencies

This can then lead to potential increases in fees from other banks, credit unions, microfinance bank loans, insurance premiums, cell phone companies, etc.
All these organizations and even some landlords use credit bureau information to make judgments about the type of consumer you are, and not paying back a loan can have detrimental effects on other areas of your life.
Remember working with snapcredit on a recovery plan is a much better option than not paying back your debt, so please contact us at any time. They want the best for you, so anytime you are having issues, try contacting them and you can work together with them to resolve the problem.

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Snapcredit customer care/contact number

Did you encounter any difficulty while applying for a snapcredit loan, you can reach out to snapcredit through email at [email protected]

Snapcredit contact number

We regret to tell you that snapcredit does not have any official contact number as of the time of writing this article but if they later update their contact number on their platform we will definitely keep you posted.

Can I get another loan while I am still repaying an old loan?

Yes. You can take get another loan until you reach your maximum credit limit. When you log in to your snapcredit account, you will see on your personalized dashboard your limits and how much credit you are currently using. You can take additional credit at any time provided you don’t exceed your thresholds.

Snapcredit address, owned by Snap Credit Ltd Company Number RC 1219478.
Snap Credit is an authorized, regulated moneylender, Credit Licence Certificate Number 0169 from the state of Lagos.
Their registered address is 9 Akarigbere Street, Off Idejo Street, Off Adeola Odeku Road, Victoria Island, Lagos state Nigeria.

Wrap Up

The Snapcredit loan services are strictly for the employed. Furthermore, the longer you stay with your employees, the higher the amount you tend to get on snapcredit.
If you have any questions concerning snapcredit loan or any other load review that we have written here at Payglobal you can contact us using the contact page. We are 2 hours open to attend to your question and also offer assistance.

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