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UBA Affiliate Program: Tips On How You Can Earn N5,000 On Each Referral

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Do you know that you can earn N5,000 on UBA affiliate program just by referring people to open a UBA diaspora account?
The United Bank of Africa (UBA) recently launched an affiliate program that enables there customers to earn side income of N5,000 each time they refer a person to open a UBA diaspora account.
The United Bank of Africa is known for the tremendous inventories but this time they have proven to be the giant bank amongst other banks in Africans at large.
In this article, we will take a deep looking at the UBA affiliate program and everything related to the affiliate program like how to join requirements, withdrawal, and how to earn from the affiliate program.
Lets quick explain what UBA affiliate program is all about
The UBA affiliate program is a system created by the United Bank of Africa with the aim of enriching Nigerian by allowing them to earn a side income on every single person whether friends or family they referred to open a diaspora account with UBA.
Lets quickly have a rundown on how the system works.
UBA pay you N5,000 for every single person you referred to open a diaspora account with them and that is to say, if you referred 20 people in a month to open a diaspora account with UBA you are probably making the sum of N100,000 per month without any form of stress….isn’t that wonderful.
How to open a UBA account and join their affiliate program
We understand that you might be bothered about how you can open a UBA account and join their affiliate program….if that’s your question, don’t worry we got you covered just kindly continue with the article.
Firstly, you can open a UBA account by dialing there USSD code which is *919*20# or visit any UBA branch close to you to open the account.
How UBA affiliate program works
For you to earn a side income from the UBA affiliate program you must have to refer someone who lives outside or in the country to open a diaspora account/dollar account.
Note that the person you referred must deposit the sum of 100 dollars to the diaspora account before UBA will credit you your affiliate commission which is N5,000.
The trick is easy and simple the more people you refer the higher you earn.
How your referrals can open a UBA diaspora account 
We understand that some of the people you referred may be asking you how they can open a UBA diaspora account, don’t worry read down to see the steps involved;

  • Firstly, they should visit the UBA official website and click on the UBA account link.
  • Secondly, move to the UBA diaspora account.
  • Thirdly, your referral has to provide some required information like there name, date of birth, email address, BVN, and other necessary requirements.
  • Then when they get to enter the referral account number, they should put your own account number, because that’s the only way UBA can know that you are the one that referred them.
  • They will ask to provide there BVN, should in case they don’t have, they should click NO.
  • Finally, UBA will ask them to provide other necessary personal details like Address, a valid identification card, and proof of address.
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After successful account creation, your bank account will be credited with N5,000 immediately.
Tips on how to get people to sign up with you after joining the UBA affiliate program
After joining the UBA affiliate program the next challenge that will face you is how you can get people to signup with you and if this is the problem you are having, follow the steps listed below.
Note that there is no online business or referral program that can move without being exposed to the world and this exposure can be achieved through;

  1. Reaching out to bloggers; here we are not talking about all the classless entertainment or news bloggers. What we mean by bloggers here are high class and authority domains like Legit, Lindaikejisblog, Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive, Lailasnews and many more. You can ask them to place an advert banner leading to your landing page or to write a review containing your people’s details and every step needed in the registration.
  2. Social media: This is another way you can reach out to potential customers who can patronize your business. You can start by creating a Facebook page, Instagram handles or Twitter handle then start promoting what you do that is the UBA affiliate on the social media pages you’ve built.
  3. Talk to friends and family members: This tip is for those of us who have hundreds of friends. You can start by talking to your friend one after the other, telling them the need for them to have a diaspora account with UBA. Let’s assume you have 50 friends and you have talked to the 50 of them, out of the 50 10 must consider opening a UBA diaspora account. Note that the friends we are talking about here can be Nigerian based friends or those that leave outside the country.
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How to qualify for a UBA affiliate program
For you to qualify for the UBA affiliate program you must have to meet up with the following requirements.
Firstly, you need a UBA account an active one where all your affiliate commissions will be deposited in and also a bank verification number (BVN) if you don’t have a BVN, don’t worry you can still open the account without it.
Wrap Up
If you need a side income as a student or a working-class lady or guy to support yourself, you should consider joining that UBA affiliate program.
Note that the UBA affiliate program is not a get rich quick scheme so if you think that once you join the UBA affiliate program you will become rich overnight kindly know that this article is not for you.
If you have any questions concerning the UBA affiliate program or any other post on our website kindly use the contact page to reach us, we are 24hours ready to attend to your question.
Also, you can make use of the comment section to drop your opinion or thoughts on this post.

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