Navigation - Magnetic, Directional, Orientation

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Navigation - Magnetic, Directional, Orientation: It is not known where or when it was discovered that the lodestone (a magnetized mineral composed of an iron oxide) aligns itself in a north-south direction, as does a piece of iron that has been magnetized by contact with a lodestone. Neither is it known where or when marine navigators first availed themselves of these discoveries. Plausible records indicate that the Chinese were using the magnetic compass around ad 1100, western Europeans by 1187, Arabs by 1220, and Scandinavians by 1300. The device could have originated in each of these groups, or it could have been passed from one
Navigation, science of directing a craft by determining its position, course, and distance traveled. Navigation is concerned with finding the way to the desired destination, avoiding collisions, conserving fuel, and meeting schedules. Navigation is derived from the Latin navis (“ship”) and agere

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Navigation - Magnetic, Directional, Orientation

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