Thomas Tuchel’s Full Pre-Everton Press Conference today; All he said on every player

Thomas Tuchel’s Full Pre-Everton Press Conference today; All he said on every player.

Tuchel has granted a pre match iterview at Everton this morning and he has a lot to say about all the players in Chelsea ahead of their first match.

Here is everything he said…

Thomas Tuchel on Cesar Azpilicueta: “Not surprised because we were part of the process and we are very happy. Our captain, our skipper, stays on board.”

Thomas Tuchel on new owners: “Panicking? No, super hard working and learning on the job. New ownership, stepping in transfer market, one of the toughest things you can do. I have nothing but compliments for Todd and Behdad. The transfers, so far, speak for themselves.”

Thomas Tuchel on Marc Cucurella: “It’s not done yet. The paperwork is in process, hopefully we can get it finished before noon. Marc is a fantastic, young player, very intelligent and mobile. That’s why we hope it goes through.”

Thomas Tuchel on Levi Colwill: “It’s a bit hard to judge him as he came back and not a lot of game time to give to him because of a little injury. The situation is a situation. If there is a possibility for him to have a good loan where he can develop, we are open.”

Thomas Tuchel on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: “We will not comment further, a lot of names out there – some we talk about, some speculation.”

Thomas Tuchel: “Since then [Arsenal], we stepped up. You feel a new focus and excitements in training. Legs are fresher now. We are not where we can be, but we feel ready and competitive for tomorrow. Atmosphere is back to where it was before Arsenal.”

Thomas Tuchel: “It’s very important for us to not lose the focus. Take it step by step. We took the whole week to prepare for Saturday and nothing else.”

Thomas Tuchel: “Frustrating is the wrong time. Challenging and demanding. My day is only 24 hours like yours. Sometimes I needed to rely on my staff to do preparation for training, more than I was normally involved. But it was needed and necessary.

I spent a lot of time with our new owners to align our thoughts, ideas and discuss our opinions. It still is like this. It was not frustrating, but challenging and time consuming. Every day we know each other better and the communication gets better.”

Thomas Tuchel on teams getting closer to City and Liverpool: “I struggle to keep our ambitions down. I don’t want to lower our ambitions. I struggle to put the pressure on us to say yes we can. I believe we are a club and team in transition still.”

“At the same time, I don’t want to limit us and say it’s not possible [close gap]. We should be humble and try to be the best version of ourselves. We have the capacity to win football games.”

“We are aware of the quality of Man City and Liverpool, Tottenham, Man United and Arsenal. This is Premier League, why it’s so exciting.”

“Tottenham, Arsenal and Man United showed in pre-season and transfer market what there ambition is, and their clear target is to reach the top teams. We are in the middle of it. We need to be ready for Saturday, and we will be ready.”

“We have a very competitive team. I’m very happy with the players who came to make us stronger. The players came late, we are in a bit of delay, to adapt, some to come in. It’s a disadvantage but we rely on the guys we have and will push them to the limit.”

Thomas Tuchel on Raheem Sterling: “Surprised is not the right word. Any player who has a one-year contract, signs it could be possible, you can try. Very soon we had the feeling. From our point of view, he was the perfect fit.”

“He gave us the feeling he would be happy to make the step into a new chapter and club in this stage of his career. Once we had this, we tried, we succeeded.”

“If we play in the same structure, it’ll be very fluid – it can be him, Kai, Timo, Broja who’s now in the squad. Different profiles, type of playing. Both Liverpool and City show it’s possible to be very fluid with the player on the 9 position.”

Thomas Tuchel on World Cup: “A part of them is already thinking about November. We will see how it influences the players and performances in October when it gets closer and closer.”

“We feel in the talks with the players the excitement, which is normal and a good thing. We try to turn it around and use it for us.”

Thomas Tuchel on Kalidou Koulibaly: “We followed him for many years, me and my staff, tried many times but it’s very hard to get players from Napoli. He was a leader. We had information from Edou and Jorginho. We always got the same feedback – fantastic leader and role model.”

Thomas Tuchel on Marc Cucurella: “It helps for Ben to escape the pressure of ‘I have to deliver’. We have Marcos Alonso, Kenedy and Emerson, but hopefully when things hopefully go through, Marc is the option in this position and in the back three.”

Thomas Tuchel on Ben Chilwell: “He looks better and better, but it seems he needs a little bit more time to adapt to the rhythm and physicality. He is impatient, we will never expect him to be fully patient. He knows everything needs its time, he will get the time.”

Thomas Tuchel on five subs: “I like it a lot. We were the only league who did not use it. It was a disadvantage in the #UCL. We can now use this option, to use more players, to have more impact tactically and physically.”

“It gives the players more chance for game time which is key. It’s a huge factor in being satisfied and having a good energy constantly if you don’t start. We can reward players for their performances in training and games.”

Thomas Tuchel: “Not only because of the World Cup and how we see ourselves – delay, sanctions and change of ownership – we allow ourselves the luxury to dig in. Let’s take this opportunity to go week by week. This week dedicated for Everton, then next week Tottenham…”

Thomas Tuchel on Everton: “We played very late last season and lost. We remember very well. Very emotional crowd and team. We know some very familiar faces on the other bench.”

“Still, we have nothing but respect for Frank and his staff. It was, and will be very respectful between the two benches, but it will be competitive. We do not like to lose. We know what’s coming and we will be ready.”

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