Betking Old Mobile; Learn to access the easy Betking part

Betking Old Mobile; Learn to access the easy Betking part, Steps to access the betking Old Mobile.

It still sounds somehow that even with the coming of a new mobile version for Betking gamers, people still prefer the old version and I am not an exception to this as a result of this fact the betking old mobile has become more or less extinct from the online searches you will get to see these days around.

With a lot of people not liking the new mobile and the betking old mobile becoming harder to see these days, I have decided to write on today’s topic to explain everything you will need to know about the Old Mobile.

Steps to access the betking Old Mobile; how to access the old mobile for Android users

Now, if you are looking for a way to gain access to the old mobile, click here to get started, this is because the only search result you will get when you try to type this query into Google search will definitely lead you to the new mobile which is what I know you didn’t want to be a part of.

The above is for android users of course but again, iPhone users might have a hard time getting into the same Betking mobile with their phones and we just made sure they are not left out by any means.

Steps to access the betking Old Mobile; how to access the old mobile for iPhone users

While using an iPhone, it looks like everything else is quite different, and also not everyone you will see around you has an iPhone as it is more difficult to master the daily usage but be that as it may, here is how to gain access to Betking old moble if you are an iPhone user.

Click here to get started, then go to today, book your games, bet it and Print it out if you must.

Again there are other questions people ask too and these are more or less the same questions the above but let me address them here too. old mobile

If you are still asking this same question in google search then you will need the same result and answer as I have explained above and that will just be it. If you follow the same guidelines as the answers I provided above, you will arrive at the solution to this same question otherwise click here.

Steps to access the betking Old Mobile; Betking old mobile check coupon

Now know again that it is more or less very difficult for a lot of people to be able to check their coupons while using the Old Mobile but this should not be an issue as we will walk you down on betking old mobile check coupon now.

Go to this link to get started.

betking old mobile check coupon

Click on the check coupon

old mobile check coupon

Insert your coupon code into the space provided

Now click proceed and have your coupon checked

check coupon

Now that we are done let’s get to other technical terms on Betking old mobile

Betking mobile lite

This is the same as the Old betking mobile that we just talked about and if by any means you are looking for this too then get started by visiting this page too.

Steps to access the betking Old Mobile; Shop betking old mobile

Now let’s not forget that Betking mobile site always has a shop side which is the system view of it. If you are an agent or a punter that is using a laptop or desktop to access the betking website, although you will still need to visit the Mobile betking version, you will still use the same steps explained above.

Most times if you want to play a live game, it is advised you use this version of the betking website for the sole reason that it is faster, saves time, and is better in the shop view.

Steps to access the betking Old Mobile; Advantages of Old mobile Betking

  1. Faster
  2. Easier to use
  3. Not complicated
  4. Broader in desktop view
  5. Low data consumption
  6. Can be accessed through any mid range phone
  7. Lower android versions can work easily with it
  8. Exceptionally fast even in low network areas

Now that we have explored all there is about old mobiles, we believe you will not be having any more questions in this regard sooner, but if you happened to do so, send us an email through and we will be very much happy to help.

PS: I am a betking agent and as such, all questions you might have as a punter can be dealt with by me in every aspect so yes bring the questions on and I will help guide you through, also if you need an account opened for you under my care while you operate it wherever you are, you are just one click away from geting started.

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