Here is Every word Tuchel said on Chelsea win, Koulibaly, Chilwell, Gallagher, Werner and more

Here is Every word Tuchel said on Chelsea win, Koulibaly, Chilwell, Gallagher, Werner and more.

The win this morning is tremendous for Chelsea and Tuchel is delighted about this and as a result he has said his ideas on the match and also expanciated on the situations of players like Koulibaly, Chilwell, Gallagher, Werner and more.

Below is everything he said after the match in a post match conference.

“It was a very difficult match, a very difficult opponent for the first match. Normally you start a bit against a lower league opponent, but this was very tough. Also, the environment, playing in a big stadium with a big crowd against an opponent like America who are already in competition. It was tough.

“First half was tough for us to create clear chances, but we had one and couldn’t score. But we kept a clean sheet, and second half, we found better solutions and looked more dangerous. So good first half, very good second half. We deserved to win, and I’m happy we took it.”

How pleased were you to see Ben Chilwell back starting?

“We are super happy that he’s back, and you can see it’s a difference from training to the game, and he will take his time. He will get this time because he deserves it. We will support him on his way back, and it was good for him. I’m happy nobody is injured after a physical game and physical two weeks. Same for Chilly. I’m happy that he’s back.”

“He brings experience, quality, top defending, quality, height, everything we’re looking for to play a back three of back four. It’s a brilliant signing, another brilliant signing for us, and we hope that he can show his quality as soon as possible.

“He is now training outside after he arrived yesterday, and we’ve very happy. He knows some of the players – he plays with Edou with the national team and knows Jorgi from Napoli – so I think from this side, it will be quick that he feels welcome in the group. It’s a nice group, and everyone is happy he is with us now.”

What are your thoughts on Conor Gallagher’s performance, and what do you think is next for Timo Werner this summer?

“We need to see, but everybody is responsible for their own situation, as is Timo. Timo played 45 like everybody else, and he scored. That’s what counts, and from there, we go. There is always stuff to improve, but it’s the first match. Kai (Havertz) had a big chance, Michy (Batshuayi) had a big chance, Timo took his chance, and so did Mason (Mount).

“I count on the facts they become more experienced and maybe more calm and adapt more and more. They are still young players, and this is what we want from them: that they stay confident and stay focused and do what they need to do as strikers.

“With Conor, the same as a midfield player. Conor trains at a really high level, and you can clearly see it was the right decision to let him go on loan. He made a huge step in his development at Crystal Palace and became an England player. We can see this clearly in training. It was a very good start and a good match for him.

“Now, for him, it’s important he gets used to our principles of the game, to understand when to move and when not to move, and his work rate is outstanding, and he has such a big heart. He can be a big asset for us.”

Thoughts on playing here at the stadium?

“It’s a huge stadium, a brilliant stadium. Fantastic atmosphere. For a first match after two weeks of intense training, it was almost too much. It’s almost like a cold shower when you come from the training pitch, and the level is this kind of stadium against this kind of opponent.

“It’s a very spectacular stadium, and it was nice to play on. The pitch was very good to play on, and that’s why everybody felt excited yesterday in training. The temperature is perfect to play. It’s a fantastic venue.”

Important to help come out and help grow the sport?

“If we can, we are always happy to come [to America]. The facilities are good, and the players like to be here in training camps and enjoy their bit of free time. These are huge weeks, and I can feel the excitement around the teams and sports in general in America.

“Purely as a coach, you would like to maybe not spend too much time in the heat and in different timezones, but this is nowadays life at a big club. So we are used to it and make the most of it. The players are very happy, very committed to this kind of effort, and that’s why it’s, so far, very well done and organised.”

Surprised by the physicality of the game?

“It was a tough match, like I said. Normally you start against a lower team where you can find your rhythm. It’s very different from training, even if you train at a competitive level like in our squad.

“You could see that they’ve already started their season. They showed a physical game that we had to adapt to, and I’m happy nobody got injured. It was sometimes on the edge for a friendly game in pre-season, especially for us in our first match. But it was ok. We adapted to it and accepted it and did not get frustrated.”

Ethan Ampadu, does he have a chance of making it with you?

“Everybody has a chance. I was a bit sad today because some youngsters had to be outside [the squad] due to injury or to the fact that we had too many players for two teams of twenty players that we used. Some other players deserved to play. For example, Harvey Vale had a fantastic tournament with England Under-19s and did very well in training.

“Ethan did very well, I think. The position is a good position for him in the middle of the back three. He played a lot of vertical passes and did not play left to right only. He played through the lines with his passes and dribbles. So he was very active, and it was a good match for him. He is training well.

Given Koulibaly with a four-year contract, do you think he can play at his peak for years to come?

“That’s what we believe, and that’s what he is here for. There were always rumours about him leaving Napoli, and it was always super difficult – and in the end impossible – to get him because he was a key player. It’s nice he takes the challenge right now, and we have Thiago Silva, who is even older and super experienced and still at the peak of his game. We hope Kalidou can do the same and play for many years for us. He is totally fit and ready for the challenge, and he needs to be because we need him in top shape.”

Reception Christian Pulisic has got a while in the U.S?

“For sure, it’s the first time in the U.S. since I’m in Chelsea. We can see everybody is excited about Christian. He is an American international player and captain for America, and he is an important player for us. I think he enjoys being in LA, Las Vegas, and now we go to Orlando. He enjoys being in his home country and playing for Chelsea and presents himself within the squad. Of course, we can clearly see the excitement around him.”