Chelsea makes Vini Junior contact along Man Utd but PSG willing to quadruple his salary; Details

Chelsea makes Vinicius Junior contact along with Man Utd but PSG is willing to quadruple his salary; Details.

Chelsea has made the offer for Vini Junor but Real Madrid has been able to keep a hold of him while preventing the EPL team from signing the player off from them.

But this is not just Chelsea that is the EPL team interested in the young Brazilian as Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea have made contacts but all being rebuffed by the Spanish giants for a deal.

According to Marca, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man UTD have made offers for the winger in recent months but these offers have been brushed aside by Real Madrid.

This is at the point PSG entered into the draw and made an offer of a £34.3million-a-year salary to the Brazilian which is something Madrid will not be able to pay the striker and this offer is coupled with some ‘generous bonus’ and ‘business opportunities in Qatar’.

What a good business?

Since somewhere in November 2021, PSG has been in contact with the winger while they wait for a chance to swoop him in.

That being said, Vini is expected to sign a new contract with Real Madrid until 2026 or maybe 2027 for a price tag of around £8.6million per year.