Celebration at Stamford Bridge as price of tickets gets fixed for another year by Boehly

Celebration at Stamford Bridge as the price of tickets gets fixed for another year by Boehly.

Todd Boehly the new Chelsea owner has announced that the price of ticket sales for Chelsea fans will remain fixed for at least a year and also the 2-pound booking fee that caused a lot of controversies last season has been also removed.

This has caused a massive joy among the Chelsea fans who hope to return to the stadium and be in full support of their players by the beginning of a new season.

A statement from Chelsea supporters trust read;

“The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust (CST) is delighted that Chelsea FC has frozen General Admission Season Ticket prices for next season. It is encouraging that the new owners have listened to the CST and Chelsea supporters. This decision will come as welcome news to supporters who face a cost of living crisis and will avoid an extra burden.

“Since its introduction, the CST has continually said that the £2 booking fee per transaction is wholly unjustifiable. The decision to remove this additional fee is significant and will be appreciated by all.”

They added: “While we welcome the reduction to the initial extortionate proposed price for tickets in Westview, the CST remains disappointed with such a significant price increase. The increase will impact supporters across Stamford Bridge with fewer tickets available to members due to the relocation of existing Season Ticket holders from the West Stand Upper.”