Shocking; Gareth Southgate has named player to be blamed for defeat against Hungary

Shocking; Gareth Southgate has named a player to be blamed for the defeat against Hungary.

It is looking like the defeat should go to Chelsea players and some Man UTD players who were in their defensive line when they got trashed by Hungary but the reverse was the case when Southgate spoke.

Southgate said that this loss should be blamed on no one else but himself stating that the players played really well and that it was not their fault that they lost.

And this can only make you wonder how is it his fault, well he went ahead to explain how this whole loss is his own fault not the fault of the players.

Speaking to Channel 4 he said;

“I’ve got to go with that, it’s my job to protect the players, they’ve been exceptional in their attitude, and the results are my responsibility.”

He said after the match as England faces relegation from the Nations League after picking up just one point, “Well we picked a young team, with energy, and when the game started to go against them it started to look that way. That’s my responsibility in the end.

“I’ve just said to the players there [in the dressing room] that across the four matches, it’s my responsibility.”