Sad News as Southgate gets booed by England fans after defeat by Hungary

Sad News as Southgate gets booed by England fans after defeat by Hungary.

England fans were not having it when they got trashed beyond repair by Hungary yesterday night. They were beaten by four goals to nil and this was when the fans broke out in anger and started booing Southgate.

When asked about the match and who he blamed for the defeat Southgate said;

We have seen you have to be at full strength. It was an important experience for a number of the younger players and we learned a lot from the Italy and Germany games, Hungary is a good side and I think I have given them too much to do tonight. I understand the reaction to that in the stadium, this group of players has been unbelievable for their country and it is important for people to stay with them. They will still be strong going forward.

“In the end, this is about winning matches with England but tonight was the sort of night my predecessors have had experienced. I am not going to say it does not hurt but it is clear to me what we were trying to do across the four matches. The Nations League campaigns have put negativity and pressure on us and you don’t normally have that as England manager. It is my job to protect the players, the results are my responsibility.

“People will rightly say, ‘what are you talking about?’ We needed to see some things. We have had some unbelievable nights with England over the last four or five years but this is the other side and that is the reality of football.”