Chelsea pre-season matches starts in two and a half weeks; Expect to see Kounde play

Chelsea pre-season matches start in two and a half weeks; Expect to see Kounde play.

Chelsea fans will be excited to see that Kounde will be among the players that will be on the pitch in the US tour that is also a part of this planned pre-season matches.

Although the players who have played in international games over the last fortnight (which is most of them) will get another week’s break.

Although Kounde is still at Sevilla as of now, he is expected to complete a transfer to Stamford Bridge sooner than a lot of people think he will.

He is going to have minor surgery, which has a lot of fans in a flap, but its severity has really been played down.

If the procedure happens in the next couple of days, Kounde will have three weeks to recover from it – long enough that he has a good chance of going on the preseason tour with everyone else.

Even if things are delayed a little, he should be ready and firing for the first game of the season.