Carbon Paylater Contact Number: All You Need to Know About Carbon

Carbon Paylater Contact Number: So you have been looking forward to how you can contact carbon Paylater but you have not been successful? Here is the Carbon Paylater Contact Number…

Carbon Paylater Contact Number

You can contact the Carbon customer care service through the numbers listed below;

  • 01-4609947
  • 01-7008460
  • 01-6311215

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You could forgive me when I say this but I know that there are many ideas running through that small pretty head of yours, million-dollar ideas that could change the way everything was and is seen, and of course too I know you will love nothing more than to make that great idea a reality.

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Well, finance is the real deal here.

Having a million-dollar idea or anything of the sort is not the problem but the capital to kick that idea into a reality is.

Now, far be it from having these ideas, you may one way or another encounter small issues in your everyday life that will require you to get some quick cash with the hope of paying back in due time but unfortunately, people do not just lend each other money these days and this becomes a very vital problem in the society.

And I will bet that not even your bank will be willing to help you here, trust me.

Now, the solution will boil down to getting a grip on some Loan Apps online and I can quite assure you that a Carbon loan will be the best option you can go with.

So, in this post, we will be writing exclusively on how to get a loan from carbon loan and we will uncover everything you will need to know or will ever need to ask about the Carbon loan.
Let’s start with a good going by the way…

What the heck is Carbon Paylater?

Credit: Youtube video

Trust me, I have known carbon loans for a very long time but I never took them seriously until they helped me with what I couldn’t tell less about.

Carbon Paylater, was formerly known as Paylater and it is one of Nigeria’s leading digital financial platforms that gives quick loans with unmatched low percentages to its users.

The loans given by the carbon loan are typically fast and easy to secure and with above 40 employees, they have a presence in Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ghana, and Portugal to mention but a few.

I must say that Loans taken from Carbon do not require collateral or guarantors but you must have a good credit score to be given a loan and they must monitor your bank accounts activity the last time to make sure you can pay for these loans as this is not a child’s play at all if you think this is where you just arrived.

On your first try, you may not be able to access big funds, you start by borrowing small, paying them back, then you can have access to bigger funds.

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One thing they say in business is that every good business started on a small scale, and this is what happens in Carbon Paylater.

The loan platform is available 24/7. You can apply on weekends and holidays and get a loan. You can click here now to download app and get a loan through my referral link. 

Carbon Paylater App

Carbon Paylater App; How could we forget to tell you about the most important of it all, which is the Carbon paylater app.

This is the App that will grant you direct access to your Carbon Paylater but the phone you should apply with must be;

  • An Android device
  • Must have your registered bank BVN number in it
  • Must have a sim and not connected over Wi-Fi

Today we have a new version of the Carbon paylater app that is called Paylater v2, and users can access loans of up to N500,000. The new version has a new design, there are loyalty badge levels and a referral system. The maximum loan request amount is N100,000, and the loan repayment period is 90 days.

The carbon Paylater loan interest rate for a new version is 4-10%, the rates depend on your loyalty level. 

Where/How to download Carbon Paylater App

You can easily download the loan App on your Google play store just visit the google play store on your mobile device, search for Carbon loan the click on download or install finally fill in the required fields.
You can also download and install the Carbon Paylater App by clicking HERE

Carbon Paylater interest rate

Here is a quick rundown of Carbon interest rates and repayment schedule for some amounts we presumed;

  • Loan amount N10 000: loan rate 10%, repayment period 15 – 30 days
  • Loan amount N50 000: loan rate 5%, repayment period 1 – 3 months
  • Loan amount N100 000: loan rate 4%, repayment period 1 – 3 months

It is possible to get the loan in 20 minutes or quite less given your credibility and credit score. 

Requirements for getting a loan from Carbon Paylater loan

There are many requirements for collecting a loan from Carbon Paylater and loans from #50,000 and above will require the following;

  • A valid ID card.

A carbon loan accepts such a document:

  • Voters card
  • Drivers license
  • Tax ID
  • National Identity card (NIMC/NIN)
  • Staff ID card International passport 

Now, what are the requirements to get a casual loan from Carbon Paylater?
Get registered on Carbon Paylater in less than 5 minutes and access quick and huge loans by clicking here!

  • Android phone, you cannot use iOS or Windows to work with the platform.
  • Download the app, it is easy to do it from the Google Play store
  • Install the app and after that, you are required to enter some information: BVN, home address, occupation e.t.c. Be ready to enter debit card details.
  • The loans can be automatically deducted from the card at the end of the loan date
  • When the registration is done, you can click “Apply for the loan” and get your loan
  • When the loan is approved, a user receives money in the bank account, just wait 10-20 minutes  

Features of Carbon Paylater loan

The Carbon(Paylater) doesn’t focus only on providing loans for there customers, the Carbon (Paylater) loan app can also be used for many other things like;

  • Airtime recharge
  • Bill payments(DStv, Electricity bills, GoTv and so many others).
  • Sending and receiving money
  • Investments

Carbon paylater email address (Carbon Paylater Contact Number)

Not only their contact number, but you can also as well reach out to carbon loan through their official email at 

Repayment of Carbon Paylater loan

There are several ways of repaying the loans which will be discussed below:

  • Automatic Repayment

You just need to have enough money on your card at the end of the loan term

  • Repay by Quickteller

Quickteller is a partner of Carbon Loan
Go to and pay the loan.

  • Repay with a card that is not listed in your Carbon Paylater account

It can be any debit card. Find the bottom “pay now,” and select the bar “Pay with the card.” It is better to pay your loans on time because it increases your credibility level and you can get a bigger sum of loans on more favorable terms. 

So, how do you actually get a loan from Carbon Paylater?

Actually, you cannot just go and get a loan from Carbon Paylater, there are rights you will have to fulfill before you can get to take a loan from them and we discussed them below;

How to get a loan from Carbon Paylater

You must follow these steps below to get a loan from Carbon loan:

Download the Carbon paylater Android App

The first step toward getting a loan is to download the app from Google play store. The app is only available for android devices. Download the App here.

Get registered on Carbon Paylater in less than 5 minutes and access quick and huge loans by clicking here!

Get registered on the Carbon Paylater App

The next step is to register. Provide all the details required. From your name, phone number, email, BVN, and so on and please make sure you have your BVN verified sim on the same phone.

Upload a photo of you

You will be required to upload your photo before you can access loans. The photo will be taken in real-time. You will take it right there from the app with the aid of your phone’s camera and it should be a bright one at that.

Now apply for the carbon paylater loan

Next, you will see a button to request the loan. Follow the instruction and give all the details. Then submit the application.

Be patient while you get your offers from them

After application, you have to wait for a decision. This does not take long normally. Just a few minutes or maybe longer in most less occurring cases.

Accept your loan and update them with your bank details for a deposit

Once a loan has been offered. You accept it and provide your card details where you want to pay back from and the details to where the required loan will be sent to you.

Carbon paylater, Grab your loan

As soon as you complete the last step, your loan will be in your wallet in minutes. It is a very fast process. From your wallet, you can transfer it to your bank account instantly, send it to others or use it to pay bills.

Now after these steps above, several people do have more questions to ask and they will wish to get the exact answers to these questions before they actually initiate a loan we have tried our best to answer these questions below;

How much can I get from Carbon Paylater loan?

You can get up to ₦1 million loans. But on your first try, it is usually very low. As you pay back, you get access to bigger amounts and this is the simple order of business as you know it.

What are the interest rates of Carbon Paylater loan?

Carbon paylater loan interest rate

The Carbon Paylater interest rate can be anywhere from 5% to 15% depending on the amount of money loaned and repayment duration.

Get registered on Carbon Paylater in less than 5 minutes and access quick and huge loans by clicking here!

The loan term?

The loan term ranges from 30 days to 12 months and this will allow anyone the time to pay up their loans even if you took up to #1,000,000.

How do I repay Carbon Paylater loan?

We talked about this above but we will still make some references.

To repay a loan is very easy. Login to the Carbon Paylater app and you can repay instantly.

While accepting a loan, you had been asked to provide a card that you can use to repay a loan. All you have to do is fund the account to which the card is linked to.

Login to your account via the app and click on repay the loan. It is easy and fast.

Is Carbon Paylater legit? (Carbon Paylater Contact Number)

Sure I will not need to answer that but I think I should.
Carbon Paylater is 100% legit and below are their addresses if you needed physical contact.

Carbon Paylater head office address

The head office is located at Plot 1224, Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Carbon Paylater customer care number and email address

The customer care phone number is 01-460 9945 or 01-631 1215.
Customer care email is

Wrapping up on Carbon Paylater Contact Number

I will urge you to get that idea of yours to the limelight and make money from it.

Signup on Carbon Paylater and make the best out of what you will see from now I can assure you that Carbon Paylater is not a scam and they will give you the loans you are eligible for but always try to pay back so you can get more loan offers from them.

Get registered on Carbon Paylater in less than 5 minutes and access quick and huge loans by clicking here!

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