Confused Lukaku said he is being forced out of Chelsea; Details here

Confused Lukaku said he is being forced out of Chelsea; Details here.

If you think Lukaku at this point is confused about his future at Chelsea and what he thinks about moving on with his career in the Italian league and all that then you might be right because as it turns out, he looks to be quite confused.

Lukaku feels like he is being forced out of Chelsea and now this is for reasons we do not even seem to understand but he feels this way nevertheless.

Even with an interview he granted Sky Italia and mentioning how well he will be feeling to be reunited with his former club, he is now feeling like the style of play Tuchel has introduced is aimed at forcing him out of the club.

But in reality, is Lukaku being forced out of Chelsea?

Well, according to SI and Dan talk Chelsea, the report read that;

“Lukaku doesnt want to leave Chelsea, but feels he is being forced out, he needs to feel important”

Lukaku had always wanted to be the main guy and at Chelsea, he is not filling up that space and much so he is not getting enough play time under Tuchel and this is seemingly backed by the fact that he is playing too poorly in some very important matches and this is the reason.

That said, he also has a zero relationship with Tuchel and that’s another part of his problem.