Coady opens up on Reece James penalty decision that lost England the match; Here is what he said

Coady opens up on Reece James’ penalty decision that lost England the match; Says it’s Harsh.

England three lions lost the match yesterday against Hungary but the least person you may have to expect is taking the blame for a very bad defensive play that got them the penalty.

It was not Maguire at this point but Chelsea Reece James but some of his teammates have come out to defend him saying the decision of the referee was not accurate.

Such was Connor Coady who has voiced his mind about the penalty decision and he has said openly that this is not right but there is nothing they can do about it.

This has made England have more workload ahead of them as at now losing to Hungary.

Here i what Coady said as quoted by Footbal.London;

“I was the same (perplexed), I think we all were the same,” Coady said after the game.

“I think we were a little bit shocked at first, no one really appealed for the penalty. It’s one of them, I’ve not seen it back, don’t know where his arms are but I don’t know where they can go or what they can do.”