Lukaku eager to give up £3m-a-year just in a bid to leave Chelsea for Inter Milan

Lukaku is open to taking a huge cut to be able to leave Chelsea this is a report according to Daily Mail UK. A £3MILLION  pay cut is what is being looked at as what he will be losing to be able to get out of Chelsea.

If this happens to be true then Chelsea fans will be very delighted to have him leave the club for good and probably sign a new player hopefully Lewandowski.

A Chelsea dedicated website said;

If this is true, then I’m pretty sure that us Chelsea fans will sort out a Go Fund Me to pay for your airplane flight over to Italy mate, and throw in a packet of smarties as a parting gift as well.

Honestly, if this is true, and we have to say IF of course because we’re yet to hear anything from Lukaku’s side. But if this is true, then just jog on mate, off you go, don’t let the door smack you on the way out…. Sick of it.

Chelsea needs to focus on getting players now who actually want to be at Chelsea.