UCL Final; Liverpool captain Henderson opens up about losing to Madrid; Here is what he said

Jordan Henderson has poured out his heart about losing against Real Madrid in the UCL finals and this was captured in a Question and answer session that followed suit after the match.

In a very long chat, he has expressed how devastated he feels as Liverpool gets trashed by Real Madrid despite having many chances to just end the game in their favor.

Responding to Q&A, Henderson said;

“We’re obviously all disappointed. Devastated. It’s hard to assess it now so close to the game. We’re just really disappointed, there’s not much more I can say. The lads gave it their all, we’re disappointed with the way the game went, just couldn’t get that little bit of luck we needed. Just devastated.”

Do you say anything to the dressing room after a game like that?

“No, the gaffer did. But it’s still difficult now to process everything with how the game went in the end. It’s hard to speak about it. I felt as though we had three or four good chances and the keeper (Thibaut Courtois) made world-class saves. They had a counter-attack and have world-class players who are always dangerous and they scored on the counter-attack. It was a really tough game, tough to take. Hopefully, we can have a good break now and then use that to process this season and everything that’s happened and use it to go again next season when we come back.”

Did it hurt more because you limited them so much on the night?

“Exactly. I can’t be more proud of the lads. We’ve given everything all season, every game, and tonight was no different. We gave everything, we just didn’t get that luck in front of the goal. Mo’s chance at the end was a fantastic save. It just wasn’t to be, unfortunately.”

You’re obviously bitterly disappointed, but when everything settles, do you think you can use this feeling as motivation for next season?

“We’ve had this feeling before and reacted in the right way. Hopefully, we can do the same again, I’m sure we will. The mentality and character within the dressing room are outstanding and yes, we will be disappointed, and it’s hard because we have such a long time to think about it now. But I can say we’ve given absolutely everything all season and sometimes you can’t do more than that. Football is down to fine margins, that’s the way it is. We’ve had a little bit of luck in domestic cups on penalties when we won them. Tonight and in the league, we didn’t. We have to deal with that and use it in the right way and use it to go forward and be stronger and better next season.”

You were so close to going down in history with all the talk of the quadruple and then a treble. Does the end of the season feel like a negative?

“It’s hard to analyze it now and take everything in but I hope when we are on holiday and having a break we realize that this season has been special. I don’t know when the last time went to a final or the last game in every single competition. It shows the mentality and talent of the squad. We couldn’t give anymore and football is down to fine margins. The keeper got man of the match and we just couldn’t find that goal and got done on the counter-attack. We have to deal with it in the best way we can and use it as motivation and a tool to come back next season and go again.”

What has the manager said at full-time?

“He said we’d given everything all season in every competition, that he was proud of us and sometimes in football you don’t get the luck you deserve – and that was certainly the case. It is really difficult to stand here and be positive but I really hope in the next few weeks we can look back on the season it there can be a positive one.”