Timo Wener opens up about this FA Cup finals against Liverpool today; Shares his fears

Chelsea striker Timo Werner has opened up on the FA Cup finals today while he is sharing his fears and expectations for the match, it is worthy to note that this will be a huge win for either of the teams but Chelsea is looking to seal it for the third time and this is where Werner has placed his focus.

Speaking about the FA Cup finals Werner said;

“When you are three years in a row in the final and lose it three times, that would not be the best record that you can put into the history of the FA Cup.

“But I think the FA Cup Final is a bit similar to the Champions League Final last year. I think there we were also a bit the underdogs, but it fits us very well, I think. With the structure we have.

“Liverpool have always had problems against us. In the last two years that I’ve been here we always had good games against Liverpool. We never lost in 90 minutes, so I think we also won some games.

“It makes it a lot of fun to play against Liverpool. They defend very deep, because they are also very brave, they also defend very high, so maybe that fits my style of football a bit better. It is fun.”

Werner scored 17 goals for club and country last season and has the same figure this season. But he knows his misses are played as often as his goals and that has been difficult for him.

“The five years before Chelsea the last year was always going up, I never had so many problems in terms of scoring as I’ve had in the last year,” he said. “But in the end it helps you, it brings you to another level, you see things differently and you have to keep going.

“But it is not just the strikers. We have to work hard as a team. I think that was the key when we won the titles because we were playing together as a team.”