[Video] Nkechi Blessing ex Opeyemi Falegan speaks up on the main reason why he left said is because of personal hygiene

Opeyemi Falegan reportedly apologized to Nkechi Blessing and some fans claims that the reason for the apologize was because he wanted her back in his life.

The philanthropist Opeyemi Falegan has opened up on the moan reason why he apologized to her ex Nkechi Blessing.

According to a video shared in Facebook, the politician said that he left because of personal hygiene, he’s always the one to push her to change her p*nts in three days, he’s always the one pushing he to brush her teeth every morning.

He further revealed that he can no longer deal with that and that was the main reason why he broke up with her and the reason for his apology was because he wants her because.

Read quote below:

“I left because of personal hygiene you have to tell a woman to change her p*not in three days? – Nkechi Blessing Sundays ex, Opeyemi Falegan, dismisses claim he apologized because he wants her back”.

Watch video below: