Celebration at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea FC set to announce new £20m sponsorship deal

The good news broke last night reading that Chelsea FC were a step closer to sealing a deal with a new sponsor.

This deal have been on the table before the sanctions but now is the right time to make it official.

The West London club took to their official website to announce the new £20m deal officially.

Chelsea FC went into new partnership with a Crypto company known as WhaleFin which is set to replace Hyundai to become their shirt sleeve sponsors.

The company are part of Amber Group, a group leader in digital asset products and infrastructure.

It is thought to be double the amount that Chelsea were getting from Hyunadai, according to Sky News, who report it as £20m-a-season.

It looks to be a great deal for Chelsea and a sign of things to come as the club looks to build even more revenue through top sponsorship deals