Shocking; Here is what happened when Lukaku was subbed off against Wolves

Although this was not a very good match for Chelsea, it was still a good chance for Chelsea striker Lukaku to clear the air for their fans that he is not finished yet as he scored a brace to hand Chelsea the early second half win.

But his contributions were not enough as Chelsea gets trashed to a 2:2 draw just after he was substituted.

Lukaku was taken off just ten minutes before the match was finished and he was just surprised by what happened next.

What happened when Lukaku was Substituted?

When Lukaku was substituted, he was given a standing ovation by Chelsea fans and this was a moment that just stood out of the ordinary to say the least as this will help him feel loved again by the club and also guarantee his start in more games to come.

Lukaku has earlier said that he doesn’t feel loved at Chelsea and also the fans too but this kind gesture by Chelsea fans could help him feel more at home.

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