Abramovich could insist that his loan to Chelsea will be repaid after the club sales; Read details

Roman Abramovich could insist that his loan will be repaid after the club sales; Read details

Abramovich has rejected claims from inside the UK Govt., regarding his 1.5 billion loan to the club.

As per reports by PA Sports  Abramovich loan to Chelsea is expected to be frozen when the club sale is carried out.

Abramovich could insist that his loan will be repaid after the club sales and this has caused a massive stir in the UK government and this could happen to spoil and jeopardize the whole sale of the club.

The Russian billionaire is understood to have been advised by the UK Govt sanctions against him also blocks his plans to write off Chelsea debt.

Although Abramovich has before pledged to write off Chelsea loans as he was poised to sell the club on 2nd of March amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine and all these was before the UK sanctions started.

All these has caused the Chelsea long time owner Abramovich expects his loan to the club to be frozen when the sale is completed.

Abramovich vowed to create a new charitable foundation and donate all the proceeds of Chelsea’s sale to aid victims of the war in Ukraine when initially putting the Blues up for sale.

The UK Government is likely to divert the sale proceeds to charitable causes, but Downing Street chiefs could yet also freeze those funds we do not know any of these things for sure but tie will definitely tell.

Knowing these, it is quite expected that Chelsea’s sale needs to be completed by May 31, when the Government’s special license expires as this could go ahead to have other severe consequences if the sale is not finalized by this time.

There is a rumor that Chelsea could be kicked out of the EPL by next season if they do not complete the sale before the said time for the license to expire.

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