Azpilicueta Points out three Chelsea Players that handed them the win over West Ham

Azpilicueta Points out three Chelsea Players that handed them the win over West Ham

In the win against West Ham although it did not come that Easily, Azplicueta has named the three Chelsea players who gave them the win.

Speaking to Official Chelsea website he said;

“Massive three points, we’ve been on a bad run at home, we didn’t look the best in the first half but we knew it would be a difficult game, we kept the spirit and we fought until the end,” Azpilicueta said via the Chelsea website. “It was a big three points which I think we deserved.

“When you get a late penalty and you have the chance to score and it doesn’t go in, maybe you can drop and say you missed a big opportunity, but the team reacted really well. This is how we have to react, altogether until the end. Christian [Pulisic] scored a massive goal and of course we’re very happy.

“Amazing ball by Marcos, a good cut back and great finish. That is the way we were creating chances, arriving in the box and crossing the ball, arriving from the second line and of course it was a big impact from Christian, Romelu and Hakim as well. They gave us a different spirit, we are a team and we have to go through these moments together. We need help from everybody.

“I am really pleased for Christian. Lately he has not had a lot of minutes but he has been working really hard. He got the reward, and hopefully he can keep going in this direction.

“If we go through everything there are also little things that can happen, the results as well as the confidence. We have a lot of injuries as well right now but we have to deal with it. It is not an excuse. As I always say at the start of every season, we go for everything.

“Sometimes the consequences of arriving at the latter stages of every competition is that you play more games. We have to cope with it as we are competitors, and after the bad run we have had at home, conceding a lot of goals, it is nice to leave with a happy face.”