Get your boots and come into the field and play; Chelsea fan opens up on fight with Azplicueta

Chelsea fan opens up on fight with Azplicueta; Here is what this could cause the Chelsea Captain

Azplicueta had been in a fight with a Chelsea fan against Arsenal as they get trashed by the gunners and this did not just end in a brawl but escalated into an almost seemingly physical fight which the Chelsea skipper did not seem to like very much.

Following up on this event, the man who was in the center of this fight has opened up and said what he felt like it was the thing that happened and this could cause the Chelsea skipper his reputation.

Here is what he said while speaking to the UK SUN;

“I just wanted to ask him why we hadn’t shown any fight.

“I know I wasn’t aggressive or abusive – and you can ask the three people I was standing next to in the crowd and the stewards who were there.

“I didn’t berate him at all or shout. All I did was extend my arms asking what had happened and why we hadn’t shown any fight in London derby.

“You could see he was angry but I don’t think he understood what I was saying, which is why I beckoned him across.

“I’ve read a load of nonsense about me swearing at him and him swearing at me – and that simply didn’t happen.

“But I wanted to ask him, as captain, why there hadn’t been any passion or fight in the team – what you’d expect from a Chelsea team in a big game like Arsenal.

“He was a bit aggressive to me and then told me I should get my boots on and play instead – and I said that I’d love to.

“I didn’t want it to get out of hand so that’s when I raised my hands and gave him the thumbs up, to try to calm everything down.

“But then I got in the car to drive home, turned on talkSPORT and heard lots of stuff about what I’d done – which was just not true.”

Simon, though, added the incident had not changed his mind about Chelsea.

He said: “I’ve been a fan since I was four and that will never change.

“I’ll be there for the West Ham game on Sunday and just want to see the fight we didn’t show against Arsenal.”