The two leading contenders to buy Chelsea Football Club have been revealed; Details

Here are the two forefront leading consortium to buy Chelsea as per latest reports.

There has been a lot of people who have disclosed their intentions to buy Chelsea but they are not all going to buy the club but at least one person must come out the winner of all these bidders and as at now there are more likely to be just two of these people who are having the highest chance to buy this club.

A new timeline has been given for the announcement of the winning bid as we earlier reported.

The Raine group has been working their way through the offers and proposals to select the best bid and not just necessarily the highest bid but the bid that is the best.

Now, according to The Telegraph, the two frontrunners to buy Chelsea are the Todd Boehly consortium who they claimed are expected to be shortlisted and Sir Martin Broughton’s consortium.

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  1. Give us the bedyt that will work to improve the Club.Ready to work with the elected board .Get the best negotiator in terms of signing new players and renewal of contracts.All in all we want more trophies.

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