Revealed: Declan Rice will snub Man UTD for Chelsea Return if these conditions are met

Revealed: Declan Rice gives his condition to sign for Chelsea and snub Man UTD.

Valued at 150 Million Pounds, the club West Ham is determined to keep their star but this may noyt be so for much longer than it should be normally.

With two more years on his contract with the West Ham side, David Moyes is trying to build a team around the Englishman but Man UTD are eyeing the star Midfielder as Pogbas replacement and so is Chelsea. Although Pogba has been linked with a move to PSG and Juventus, we have not seen any offers made yet.

Chelsea has been a long time admirer of the Englishman and Rice has stated that he would prefer to make a move to the blues after he was released by the club at the age of 14 as per Evening standard.

Rice is said to be very anxious to play in the UCL and this cannot be a guarantee Man UTD can provide with the sanding of things at the moment for Man UTD.

Although Man UTD are making a move to be a better side that players will want to go to and this is starting with the signing of a new coach although talks have been held with Erik Ten hag in the past few days ad also interviewed too.

Still Chelsea as at now cannot make any move for the Englishman as they are being barred from transfers at the moment.

In this scenario, West Ham will only try to renew the contract for Rice but he is most likely not going to accept the offer as he has rejected two offers for a new deal in times before.

Although West Ham still has an option to keep the Englishman at their side till 2025 as a result if the one year extension in Rice contract.

This could be evident to the reason his asking price was increased with Moyes sugesting that Rice was worth 100 Million Pounds just last month.

Focused on trying to improve on the pitch, Rice himself once described his price tag as Quote “Crazy”.

Here is what he said;

“You hear those numbers and for me it is crazy.

“All I can do is go out there and perform, regardless of the price tag.

“I just need to focus on playing well and performing at the best level I can.” 

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