Gavi and Araujo has rejected new contract offers by Barcelona; Here is why

Gavi and Araujo has rejected new contract offers by Barcelona; Here is why.

According to Marca, the two players have turned down the contract offers that were presented to them by the club.

These players see this terms offered to them as insufficient although they have received previous offers they still had the same feeling about only to reject the latest one with the same reason.

As against the previous contract offers given to these players, the first contracts offers were very low compared to what was given to the now althpoygh modified and presented again they both still rejected the offer.

Recall that Sergi Roberto and Dembele had the same issues before but the contract talks broke down.

Barcelona is being looked upon to do something about this as the two stars are good enough and sure they will get another suitor across Europe which can do their bidding by giving them a very befitting contract.

Manchester United for example is interested in Araujo and they are looking strongly to acquire the Uruguayan signature this summer but not just Ma  UTD, Chelsea are also keeping an eye on the defender but as a result of the fact that they are facing some crisis signing him ay be impossible just for now.

On the other hand, Gavi also has potential suitors around Europe although he was a little less prospective during last year.

Although he is just 17, he would be a very brilliant option for anyone who signs him due to his brilliance and age but still he is only interested now in renewing his Barcelona contract.

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