Eden Hazard return to Chelsea can only be made impossible by one thing, and here it is

Eden Hazard return to Chelsea can only be made impossible by one thing, and here it is.

Although Hazard will go head to head against Chelsea in their UCL fixture, it is still very doubtful if Hazard can return to Chelsea as their player but at least he will have to play against them first.

Due to the recent sanctions on Chelsea, Hazards return is not going to be possible and as a matter of fact Chelsea cannot sign or sell any player until they have been acquired.

Although there has been moves by Newcastle to sign the 31 year old, he is still yet to make a decision.

This only makes things more difficult for Hazard as he is not even getting any kind of play time in Madrid and its saddening to watch the one hell of a good player wither away like he is some sort of a low class player to start with.

With Guti being the latest person to speak out about the no game time, he said;

“I’m Ancelotti and I look at the bench and I have Hazard, Jovic, Bale, Isco… and you’re telling me that I can’t sub any of them in?” Guti told El Chiringuito, via The Metro. “What’s going on? I am getting lost. I watch the game against Barcelona and I see the Real Madrid bench and I find that in the second half the first change from Madrid is Mariano… How can this be? Aren’t Bale and Hazard there? Madrid’s first offensive change Mariano, who hasn’t played this year?

“Real Madrid cannot just use 12 or 13 players. A big team that wants to fight for the Champions League, for La Liga and for the Copa del Rey cannot use just 14 players. What is happening here?”

As per a report from Goal, there has been plots to bring Hazard back to the Stamford Bridge where he started out as a phenomenal player but until these sanctions are lifted there is nothing anyone can do for now.

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