Pogba said he’s wasted five years in Man UTD, Yet another ‘Dead season’; How Pogba feels for time spent in Man UTD

Pogba said he’s wasted five years in Man UTD, Yet another ‘Dead season’; How Pogba feels for time spent in Man UTD.

It is quite easy to say that Pogba has not had the perfect season at Man UTD since he joined up and this can only be a clear reminder that he has not.

He has finally opened up to how difficult it is to get through with Man UTD coaches from Mourinho to Raingnick and still counting.

It was a whole different experience when he started explaining te difficult times he had faced at the club and I cannot just help nut to wonder why.

Since joining Man UTD Pogba has won some titles with the club including the Europa league and this has placed it on the minds of many that Pogba has been doing all well for himself but he is not and in fact he has bemoaned the managers at Man UTD as not helping matters and also making him play where he is not supposed to play neither is he used to playing there.

Although he pointed out that it is easy to play in France as Deschamp knows where he plays and thrives well in, and this may be the response to the question many has been asking why does Pogba perform so well for his country rather than Man UTD.

Speaking with Paris-based outlet Le Figaro, Pogba said;

“You have to be honest, the last five seasons have not satisfied me – really not at all. This year it is dead, we won’t win anything. Whether it is with Manchester United or at another club, I want to win trophies.”

Pogba also said that he does not have a “role” under Rangnick, who has shifted him from attacking midfield to the left flank and to a deeper berth. In contrast, he feels he has a clearly-defined position under France manager Didier Deschamps, who frequently deploys the player in central midfield.

“It’s simple with France, I play and I play in my position – I know my role and I feel the confidence of the coach and the players,” Pogba added. “It’s normal to feel a difference at Manchester United because it’s hard to be consistent when you often have a change to your position, or the team system, or your partners.

“I get along very well with [Deschamps], he gave me a role that I know, but at Manchester United do I really have a role? I ask the question but I don’t have an answer.”

Pogba will be out of contract at United this season ending and there has been growing tension that he may not extend his contract with the club.

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