Paul Pogba reveals he suffered depression under Mourinho; Here is the details

Paul Pogba reveals he suffered depression under Mourinho; Here is the details.

Although the France international won three trophies under Mourinho, it was not just the best place for him to be at any time.

Pogba has opened up on the problems he had under Mourinho which included some mental breakdown and depression.

Paul also said he struggled with his confidence at the time and this is one of the worst things that can happen to a player where by he started doubting his own confidence.

Speaking with Le Figaro Pogba said;

“I’ve experienced depression many times in my career, but you don’t talk about it,”

“Sometimes you don’t know who you are, you just want to isolate yourself, be alone. These are unmistakable signs.

“Personally, it started when I was with Jose Mourinho at United. You ask yourself questions, you wonder if you are at fault because you have never experienced these moments in your life.

“All top athletes go through these moments but few talk about it. Inevitably, you will feel it [depression] in your body, in your head, and you may have a month, even a year, where you are not well. But you don’t have to say it. In any case publicly.

“We earn a lot of money and we don’t complain really, but that doesn’t prevent us from going through moments that are more difficult than others, like everyone else in life.”

“In fact, it is simple, with Les Bleus, I play, and, on top of that, in my position. I know my role, I feel the confidence of the coach, the players. It is normal, to feel this difference with Manchester, because it is difficult to be consistent when you change position often, also the playing style or who you are playing with.”

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