#NoToRicketts; Chelsea Potential new owner Rickets Family has responded to Racism Criticism by Chelsea Fan Club; Here is what he said

Chelsea Potential new owner has responded to Racism Criticism by Chelsea Fan Club; Here is what he said.

The Ricketts family has ben accused of hating the Muslims and this has made the Muslim Chelsea players to be on edge concerning their possible takeover of the club and also they have been accused by Chelsea Fan Club for Racism in an email that recently surfaced.

It is worthy to note that Joe Ricketts described the Muslims as My Enemies in a leaked email.

You can read the full content on that aspect here, but moving on…

The Rickets family has debunked this as not true citing that they are not exactly what people think it is and they have issued an official statement to back this up.

Joe Ricketts who was personally accused of Islamophobia in 2019 was not in the London club bid although the email leaked back then in 2019.

Here is what has been said;

“Our family rejects any form of hate in the strongest possible terms,” the Ricketts family said in a statement. “Racism and Islamophobia have no place whatsoever in our society.

“We have developed deep and abiding partnerships with the Muslim community in Chicago, as well as with all communities of colour.

“Respect for diversity and inclusion are central to our family’s values. If we prevail in our bid for Chelsea, we commit to the club and to the fans that we will actively promote these values.”

Ricketts senior has apologized to the fans about this while his son Tom, the Chicago Clubs Chairman who is leading the Bid on Chelsea has in a bid distanced himself fro his father.

There has been many concerns expressed by fans and supporters and this is geared towards the fact that some of the stars in Chelsea are Muslims and this will affect them in a very bad way.

Current Chjelsea squad features about four Muslims in the team which includes…

  1. N’Golo Kante
  2. Antonio Rudiger
  3. Hakim Ziyech
  4. Malang Sarr

Meanwhile the former Chelsea winger Canoville who is the Blues first black player has spoken out on twitter when he said;

“A big fat anti-racism NO to the Ricketts bid!!”

It is now clear that no one wants Ricketts family taking over Chelsea.

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