Campbell backs Bukayo Saka; Slams Gerrard for his claims; Here is what he said

Campbell backs Bukayo Saka pleas to the referee; Slams Gerrard for his claims.

Campbell believes that Saka has the right to ask for the referees protection over the kind of tackles he got from Aston Villa players.

Although the way Saka plays will always attract opponents to mark him harder but Campbell believes this is not enough reason to get the kind of harsh marking he is getting from Opponents and also Gerrards comments only made things worse when he said he has 16 operations as a player.

Gerrard believes that football is a contract sports and that means he should expect to get kicked and the referee does not have to award fouls to him because of them.

Here is what Campbell said while speaking to Football Insider;

“Saka has done the right thing as far as I’m concerned. At the end of the day, being kicked from pillar to post is not nice. We don’t want that happening to a young, gifted English player.

“It looked like he got targeted the other day. He kept getting up though. He wasn’t moaning.” 

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