You will regret it, Chelsea legend Chris Sutton Slams Lampard for comments; Here is what He said

You will regret it, Chris Sutton talks back at Lampard for Chelsea comments; Here is what He said.

Everton manager Frank Lampard has gotten a backlash from Chris Sutton over his wayward comments following the Toffees FA cup elimination at the hands of Crystal palace.

Everton was beaten 4:0 by Crystal palace as Lampard watched the whole drama unfolds on Sunday as they gear up to face Chelsea by next leg.

Everton players were being accused of lack of courage after they were beaten by their coach Lampard, but Sutton thinks otherwise as he said that Lampard should own up to it and act right towards the responsibility a it is his own teams loss not just the team.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Sutton said;

“He has to take responsibility – he’s the manager.

“The team are in an absolute mess, but his language was extremely strong, questioning the side’s courage.

“He talked about [how] he doesn’t have a magic wand to get inside people’s heads and change resilience across the whole squad. Well… is that not his job?

“Lampard was chucking things out there and I wonder whether he will regret some of the things he’s said because it can be damaging within the dressing room.

“It’s not a good dressing room at this time, but when you start questioning players’ courage, I think there may be a problem.

“He’s come out and slaughtered his players and yet he needs these players to keep him up, so what he said is very, very dangerous in my book. It’s a big gamble what he said and let’s see whether the players react.

“He had a difficult job to take on, most of the blame lies with [previous manager Rafa] Benitez on this one, but he hasn’t made the impact which I think he expected to – and the Everton fans expected him to.” 

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