Video: Legendary Chelsea FC goalkeeper Peter Bonetti laid to rest at Stamford Bridge

The legendary Chelsea FC goalkeeper who passed away at the age of 78 in April 2020 laid to final rest at Stamford Bridge.

Peter Bonetti’s ashes were laid to rest behind the goal at the Shed End of the Stamford Bridge in a memorial service.

The memorial service was held near his former teammate and fellow legend Peter Osgood whose ashes were interred under the penalty spot at the Stamford bridge.

Following the recent sanctions on Chelsea FC by the UK government, many were in doubt if the memorial service will take place at Stamford Bridge or not.

The UK government later gave their permission with a struck warning that no ticket should be sold.

Thousands of friends, family members, and teammates attended the ceremony to pay their final respect to the Chelsea legendary goalkeeper who brought so much fortune for the West London club during his time.


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