Here is what Lukaku and Ziyech were spoted doing amid Chelsea Takeover rumors

Here is what Lukaku and Ziyech were spotted doing amid Chelsea Takeover rumors.

Although it is  situation of unrest at Chelsea, it does  not stop the layers fro having a nice time for themselves and being happy and such was the case with Lukaku and Ziyech as they were spotted having a nice time.

A break from the whole situation is what Tuchel suggested when he said;

“There will be long walks in the forest around here [with my dog] which is beautiful,” he said. “Hopefully, the weather stays like this (sunshine). I’ll be doing the normal stuff: taking care of the children, taking them to school, picking them up. Being around them is the best distraction I can have.

“I learned to do this [disconnect]. I had to. I found it very hard in the beginning as a professional coach. I struggled a lot with it, to not be able to switch off, to not think about it night and day. It is always like this. If you love something so much and have a passion for football, and then it becomes your profession, it is not at five or six o’clock that you leave and drive home and tomorrow you’re finished.

And this is exactly what the two attacking duo are doing.

He went on to say;

“There are still games on, thoughts about players and what to do. It is sometimes still like it but I have trained myself that it is not good to stay in the process and in the mind and thinking process too long. Everybody needs to disconnect, breathe and see clearer.

“I had to learn it for myself and I am still training myself. I need to be disciplined in it and like I said my dogs and kids help as a natural source of inspiration and enjoyment to calm down. You have to take care of yourself to not get totally lost in it.”

The two players are actually just having a good time and there is nothing absolutely wrong with it just to be in a good mental state before going back to action again.

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