Here is what Arteta told Xavi about Aubameyang Before Barcelona Move

Here is what Arteta told Xavi about Aubameyang Before Barcelona Move.

Arsenal Boss Mikel Arteta did not all dislike Auba to that extent as he said some pretty good things about him to Xavi before he made the move to Barcelona.

As per Daily Mail, Arteta has vouched for Aubameyangs character despite being in logger heads with the striker at Arsenal before he moved to Spain.

Aubameyang joined Barcelona on a free transfer from Arsenal as his contract as terminated by the EPL club.

And just to the awe of everyone, he has picked up at Barcelona and scoring in most important matches as Xavi moves to build a monster team to challenge any club they meet now.

The move to Barcelona for Aubameyang was helped by the admission made by Arteta on his Character being good.

Again, Daily Mail also reports that Arteta was sourced out by Xavi through a third party about Auba’s ethics, character and work ethics and the Arsenal coach laid aside his personal problems with the striker and gave off his real person and of course vouched for him.

The Daily Mail newspaper also claimed that it was the Arsenal boss that advised Barcelona to make the move for Aubameyang and they did so and we can all agree that they are not in any way regretting the move they made for the striker.

Aubameyang has a lotto offer the club at the top Arteta told Xavi.

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