Just in; Tuchel provides update on Chelsea buying offers; Here are the whole details and what is happening

Just in; Tuchel provides update on Chelsea buying offers; Says the offers are now in.

Tuchel as at today has provided an update into what he know about Chelsea bidding offers and states that the offers are now in but the board is still trying to find out what best decisions to be made.

Need we remind you that Thomas Tuchel really deserve some respect for keeping his head high and stickling with Chelsea during these trying times and also giving his best to the team in every way he can.

The players too have really tried in their own ways but this time they are looking for the latest news on who will be the highest bidder to acquire the club.

Tuchel also confirms that Chelsea board are looking into it to decide with the UK Government who will be the new owner of the club citing he wants that to be done as soon as possible.

Tuchel while speaking to The Daily Mirror said;

“When (the sale process) gets crucial and decisive then it is enough that I know it,”

“The offers are in now and the board tries to find a decision with the government as soon as possible.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to show the right spirit, positivity, and not go into self-pity and worry about a situation we didn’t cause and can’t change. So it is still a pleasure to go to training and do what we do in an environment that is so supportive. That is my feeling about it.

“We can’t influence the situation, and we can’t change the situation. We had to find a certain level of accepting the situation and refocusing on what we can influence. That is our performance. The good thing is from day one I found a very ambitious club and a huge staff that is determined to push the players to the maximum level of performance.

“This includes focus, respectful behavior, and an attitude of team spirit. These are the things that we rely on now, and trust. It’s impressive.” 

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