Xavi Finally opens up about Lionel Messi return to Barcelona; Shocks fans

Xavi welcomes Lionel Messi Back at Barcelona; Here is the details.

One of the best footballers in the world is having not one of the best seasons in his entire career and also playing at another of the top most clubs in the history of soccer and at the meantime.

It is difficult to understand why he is having such a difficult time at a club that has almost everything you can need to succeed as a player the PSG but still he is not doing so well over there.

A lot of Barcelona fans have stated that they are doing well now without Messi and they wouldn’t want the young man t come back and scatter the good riddance of the team currently.

But Xavi has quite ban opposite view of this than anyone could even imagine, so lets dive into what Xavi said when asked about Messi Return to Barcelona.

When speaking at the pre match conference ahead of the el Classico Xavi said;

“He [Messi] is the best in history and he will always be welcome at Barcelona.

“As long as I’m the coach, it doesn’t matter if he wants to come here every day. I think we owe him a huge amount.

“He has a contract with PSG and there is little we can say. Like whether he wants to come here every day to watch the training sessions and talk to the coach. What he has given us is priceless.” 

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