This player leaving Man UTD is the only way Man UTD can return past Glory; Danny Murphy says

Danny Murphy has claimed that Man UTD can go back to the same great club they were before and start winning trophies again and being in England’s UCL contenders if they did only one thing which is letting Ronaldo leave the club.

Now it is very unclear why many pundits believe that letting Ronaldo leave Man UTD will be the solution to the winning trophies and all that but this is not even close to the truth.

Before Ronaldo came to Man UTD, they were already in a very bad shape loosing almost all their matches without any team cohesion and understanding.

This is still the case even when Ronaldo arrived and started out the first game scoring brace.

Well, this is not sitting well with some pundits and speaking to Daily Mail, Danny Murphy said;

“Something radical needs to change at Manchester United even if it means important players like Cristiano Ronaldo being sold,” Murphy told the Daily Mail.

“You have to be careful dealing with superstars on big contracts. It’s better to find other takers before you fall out with them.

“But the bigger picture is that United have gone five years without a trophy and need to back a top manager who is there for the long haul, whether it be Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino, or someone else.

“You can’t question Ronaldo’s quality, but he’s 37 and, despite his goals, United don’t have balance as a team.

“They rely on Ronaldo’s individual brilliance, which can work in some games, like Tottenham last Saturday, but doesn’t against the best teams in the Premier League and Champions League.

“For former glories to return to Old Trafford, United’s players need to press and compete for 60 matches a season in addition to the ability they possess. I can’t see Ronaldo being part of that.”

Murphy also added: “Selling Ronaldo will be difficult for United fans. He’s a hero and rightly so, but that doesn’t alter the fact it needs to happen for the future good of the team.”

“Ronaldo is an all-time great, but he isn’t the solution to United’s problems. They need a world-class manager and let him build, even if it means letting go of a legend.” 

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