John Terry issues a strong warning to Next Chelsea owners; Here is what he said

John Terry issues a strong warning to Next Chelsea owners; Here is what he said.

The bidding has been completed ad it is only for the person who won the bid to be announced and as we are waiting for this to happen, John Terry has taken his time issue a strong warning to the next Chelsea would be owners about things he should know.

It is no news that the Chelsea legend has been a very crucial part of the club for the most part and he has been doing enough to keep things afloat at the club and so dishing out this warning is somewhat in his place to do so.

Here is what John Terry warned the next to be Chelsea owners about;

“Chelsea has been such an important part of my life for 22 years,” Terry said in a statement released to the PA news agency.

“I want to see the club’s history and heritage protected as we go into a new era with like-minded people who have the same long-term vision of building the best football club in the world and understand how important our DNA is.

“Having met with and heard what the True Blues Consortium is about, I know they understand. They are a group of lifelong Chelsea fans and season ticket holders who have created a concept that will complement and assist any preferred bidder running the club while adding fan connection and engagement with the board.

“This innovative structure is designed to be inclusive of all Chelsea fans and protect our club.

“I am thankful for the Chelsea Pitch Owners and Chelsea Supporters’ Trust’s time and support on this and we hope we will welcome investors into the club’s new structure.” 


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