Update on the next manager of Man UTD according to a renowned Journalist; Fabrizo Romano

Update on the next manager of Man UTD according to a renowned Journalist; Fabrizo Romano.

So Man UTD has been on the hunt for a manager and there is now only two people on the forefront of this which are just Pochettino and Ten Haag.

The journalist Fabrizo Romano  has explained what the situation is like and has given a profound update.

Here is what he said;

Manchester United are already starting some discussions. We know that Erik ten Hag and Mauricio Pochettino are in the list as frontrunners, but it’s not a closed race.

“Other managers are in the list. For example, Julen Lopetegui from Sevilla is a manager that has always been on Manchester United’s list. He could be an outsider.

“Manchester United are exploring the managers market and in the coming weeks they will make a final decision on who is the right man, with different skills and different potential impact on Manchester United.

“It is the biggest decision in the club in the last 10 years. Why? Because now Manchester United cannot be wrong again – on the manager, on the project, on the signings.

“It is really important that this manager will have to have a good relationship with Ralf Rangnick because he is going to be a consultant of the board and be part of the club in the coming two years.

“That is why Rangnick will be involved in this process and he will be involved in the transfers too.”

Romero went on to address the current squad and the impact the new manager will have on the players already at the club.

“It is important to say that it (new manager) is going to have an impact on many players.

“We know about Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is focusing on Manchester United’s season, but he wants to know about the project. He wants to know about the new manager.

“Paul Pogba. He’s out of contract and he has chances to leave the club as a free agent, but he is waiting for the new manager to make a decision.”

United have been linked with an array of talent in recent weeks, and Romano says that the club are desperate to to bring in the new manager as soon as possible in order to make progress in the market.

“Then, the new signings. This is a key point for Manchester United.

“For example, Akanji of Borussia Dortmund is a player that they already internally discussed at Man United, but they are not making any bid or starting any conversations with Borussia Dortmund because they still don’t know who will be the manager and if they will like this kind of player.

“This is why this decision is super important to Manchester United and this is why we are entering into the final moment for the choice which will change Man United history.”

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