Tuchel warns new Chelsea owners says this is what they have to deal with

Over hundreds of bids have been received on Chelsea sales and Tuchel has never failed to give his insight into any situation at the club right now of course the ones he feel he can talk about and he has as well spoken about one of them now.

The recent saga has taken a good toll on Chelsea and as such they have tried to put every of the pitch happenings behind them an do a good job on the pitch at every match.

Tuchel believes everyone at the club right now needs to be in a particular state of mind to pull off certain things.

Here is what Tuchel said to the coming owner of Chelsea

“The responsibility and the attitude come with what you sign up for. This is what you have to deal with. Nobody could imagine that we have to deal with the political circumstances in Europe, and a change of ownership.

“But when I had my talks it was very clear what Chelsea demands of you. It will be with the new owner and was with the last owner. Once you are in this level it’s always the same. You have to prove yourself and earn the right to be in the place where you are because it is a privileged place.” 

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