How Maguire can get his career back on track at Man UTD; Martin Keown explains

How Maguire can get his career back on track at Man UTD; Martin Keown explains.

Maguire who has been handed a call up by the England national team is not so good in the Man UTD defense and there is no particular reason why but he has been awful since this season.

Maguire has committed many errors in Man UTD defense and this has caught many pundits attention and an ex Arsenal player has revealed how he can get his career back on track at Man UTD.

Speaking to TalkSports, Keown said;

“I’m not really comfortable with the amount of criticism that he gets and if I was in his camp, or he was my lad, I’d be asking him to toughen up and tell a number of these former players where to go really. I feel that the criticism that’s come his way has affected him.

“There’s no doubt that in that midweek game in the Champions League he didn’t seem like the same player, particularly in possession. There’s a weakness when people are running at him and there’s a feeling in the stadium that Manchester United fans don’t really want him there. It’s difficult for him.”

Whilst football supporters are entitled to voice their opinions, the players subjected to criticism and, quite often, abuse are human beings. They will suffer as a result of consistently being criticised and Keown, as hard as it has been for Maguire, believes he needs to find a way to remain strong.

“It’s a big ask,” Keown added when asked if Maguire should be able to handle the criticism. “It’s a tough thing for anyone to deal with, but he’s got to stay strong.

“Is it respectful if you’re part of his family and you have to listen to that? I’m talking about his reaction to that criticism and it’s a human reaction. I feel like it’s a little bit disrespectful. People who have had extremely good careers are lambasting him, taking his career apart and he’s taking it to heart.

“I just feel like the formation should change to protect him, actually. People will ask, ‘why should you do that?’ and you see United are leaking goals for fun and they should play in a three.

“If he doesn’t have a midfield in front that wants to protect, he’s in trouble. He gets isolated far too much. I’m saying how I would deal with it. If I was hearing this amount of criticism then I’d tell them where to go.” 

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