Chelsea Potential News Owner makes mouthwatering promise to Chelsea fans; Here is what he said

Chelsea Potential News Owner makes mouthwatering promise to Chelsea; Here is what he said.

Promises are not just bwords and they are bonds which are meant to be explored and take seriously if you ever made them to someone and the new potential Chelsea owner should know better when he made these set of promises to the Chelsea fans.

Sir Martin Broughton has promised Chelsea fans that he will make sure that Chelsea still stays in their top place i in the European football and also in the domestic league position.

He the former British Airways chairman is also among the top runners for the takeover of the club and he is looking confident about the takeover among many other billionaires in the same list.

According to Daily Mail, a statement revealing his plans stated;

“I am assembling a team that will ensure the future success and financial stability of a club I have supported for more than 60 years,”

“The plan will guarantee that the club is never beholden to a single individual or sovereign wealth fund, ensuring that the club never faces a crisis like this again.

“We will secure a prompt purchase and smooth transition, with funds readily available for the immediate takeover of the club and immediate investment in the team, facilities, and commercial opportunities.

“I believe I am the right person to lead Chelsea Football Club as we start this new chapter for the club.

“I have a track record of success in boardrooms throughout my career and I have done this before. I remain the only person to have effected a change of ownership at a major football club in a similar situation, which I did at Liverpool 12 years ago.

“But most importantly, as a lifelong fan, I am committed to ensuring Chelsea maintains its pre-eminent position at the top of European football and making sure we put fans first.” 

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