Middlesbrough says they have no pity for Chelsea with their latest statement on their match against Chelsea on Sunday

Middlesbrough shocks Chelsea with their latest statement on their match against Chelsea on Sunday.

Middlesbrough has shocked Chelsea a few minutes ago by their most recent statement about what will happen in their match against Chelsea by the weekend and what they plan to use the money for.

Middlesbrough in their anno8uncement made it known that they will donate all their proceeds from this weekend FA Cup brawl with Chelsea to Charitable cause in Ukraine as a result of the fight going on in Ukraine.

The sales of the tickets is expected to be around 34,000 tickets to match a record sales of tickets and all these earnings will be donated to Ukraine Charitable cause a good move it is really.

They have also generously revealed that they will be donating a share of their gate receipts to humanitarian aid in Ukraine in the middle of Russian Invasion.

The club statement read;
“On behalf of the people of Middlesbrough and Teesside, Middlesbrough FC will donate its share of the gate receipts from the FA Cup sixth round tie against Chelsea to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

“The club’s Member of Parliament Andy McDonald will assist with due diligence to ensure best delivery and maximum impact.”

Middlesborough have already been awarded 3,200 additional tickets which were originally mean to be sold to the Blues fans after Chelsea were banned from selling them as against with further tickets to come.

It wasn’t too long that Chelsea had requested the match to be played behind closed doors, Middlesborough has declined their request and their boss Wilder has slammed the decision by Chelsea.

While speaking to BBC Wilder said;

“99.9 per cent of people who love the game thought ‘what is going on?’.

“It was certainly a decision that was met universally with displeasure.

“It was baffling.”


The Middlesbrough chief incredibly revealed he has ‘no sympathy’ for the Blues – and pointed to Macclesfield and Bury, who were wound up over debts and expelled from the Football League respectively in recent years.

Wilder claimed:

“The club is not in jeopardy, is it?

“It’s not a situation like a Macclesfield or a Bury in the football pyramid.

“It will go up for sale and it will be bought by a billionaire, who will possibly invest more money into it.

“They’ll possibly invest in the stadium, invest in the facilities…

“So I don’t think there is – in the football world – an incredible amount of sympathy over what’s happening.

“And I don’t think Chelsea supporters would expect that as well.” 


  1. Is ok time as shown who should be sympathy with, am so sure that Uk government is not sincere with chelsea club, do have the evidence that the owner of the club has not engaged the Russian government in a talk before bringing sanctions on the owner and the club, sm so sure there’s much to this but time will tell

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