Jorginho finally opens up on the situation at Chelsea after Abramovich sanctions

As the saying goes adversity brings the best in people and this is no different as it concerns Chelsea.

Jorginho has stated that the difficult situation at Chelsea is bringing the team mates together more than ever as they have managed to win every match since these sanctions began.

Recall that the Chelsea owner was sanctioned few weeks back and people expected this to take a toll on Chelsea and probably make them loose focus, drive and maybe motivation but the opposite has been the case here and they seem to be waxing stronger than even before.

Speaking about this Jorginho said;

“I believe that with everything that is happening, our group is getting even stronger. It feels like something is making this group even more special than it already is. I believe we see this as an opportunity to solidify our group and get out of this even stronger.”

“[We] love to play football and represent Chelsea, we are going to give it our all to continue to play football and bring happiness to our fans.” 

Truth is Chelsea is waxing stronger more than anyone would ever have imagined.


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