Here is that one manager who will bring trophies back to Man UTD

Here is that one manager who will bring trophies back to Man UTD

Its no doubt that judging from the way Man UTD play right now it will be almost impossible to bring winning trophies back at United but if this was ever going to happen there must be one person who must be there to make it happen.

And yes you guessed it, its Thomas Tuchel.

As Man UTD is keeping their interests keen on the Manager amidst Chelsea chaos it is looking increasingly likely that they will land the target anytime soon.

As Man UTD is relentlessly working on their next target for a manager, they are looking at Tuchel as a potential deal for Old Trafford as it seems likely more than ever that they can bring him in.

According to Paddy Kennedy, Tuchel will be the man who will make all the difference at United and he cleared his stance when he said;

“He’s proved what a great manager he is,” the Irishman told Football Insider correspondent Ben Wild. “What he did at Chelsea last season was unbelievable. That team was not close to winning the Champions League before he arrived. Then they have gone on and won the Club World Cup. It’s just brilliant.” 

“It’s no surprise that Man United want him to come in. We don’t know what’s happening at Chelsea. The whole thing is changing every day so we have no idea what might happen.” 

“If Tuchel becomes available, there are few better managers out there than him. He’s the one who would back to bring trophies back,” the former Sheffield United goalkeeper said.

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