Former Chelsea striker Anelka makes a rather silly comments about Ronaldo and Messi; Here is what he said

Anelka makes a rather silly comments about Ronaldo and Messi; Here is what he said.

Its one thing to be advised by someone way better than you and its absolutely another thing to get advised by someone you are way better than, Like who does that?

Anelka has taken to advise Ronaldo and Messi and ask them to have retired or better still quit football at this stage of their age.

This is coming as a result of the fact that the two superstars have been eliminated from their respective UCL groups and also they are not anywhere close to claiming their domestic titles.

Citing their age, the former Chelsea striker advised they retire but one question remains…

Who retires at this age and in such level of fitness?

The problems in the two clubs are not the players but the people they play with.

Majority of Man UTD midfielders are being selfish same as PSG strikers too so this leaves the two players incapable of performing.

Here is what Anelka said;

“This is what happens to players who want to play longer,” Anelka told RMC Sport.

“Their careers are over and I think they must both be very happy with what they have achieved in the last 15 years. They were above the others and now it is normal for them to slow down.

“I was more surprised with Messi than with Ronaldo, I thought that Messi would turn around in France and Ronaldo would have more difficulties in England because, for me, the Premier League is the most demanding championship in the world.

“[They] were not intelligent. They should have thought of facing a less complicated challenge because you have to make the right decisions to finish at the top. There are players who don’t hesitate to finish at 32, 33, 34 so as not to be criticized. I stopped at 36, but at 32 I went to China.”

Moving to China is not the problem there was never a time Anelka was in the level of Ronaldo or Messi even in their decline now they are better than him in his prime.

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