Chelsea bidding ends today! Who will be the next Chelsea owner?

The Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich weeks ago decided to sell the West London club following the recent Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Since this decision was made, a countless number of buyers both potential and unserious buyers have shown interest in acquiring the club from Roman Abramovich thou many ups and down later followed the decision to sell the West London club.

The club owner Roman Abramovich has faced a series of sanctions from the UK Government following his recent decision to sell off the club.

Also, coming to the side of Chelsea, lots of sanction have already been placed on them which includes,

  • No, sell of a ticket means that only the yearly ticket holders will be able to watch any of the blues matches.
  • No signing or transferring of players.
  • No contract renewal of team members.

Just a few days back, UEFA Champions League dropped their sanction which includes that there will be no future sale of any ticket for the blues on any of the remaining UEFA Champions League matches.

Today the long await day is here as the final Chelsea bid will be closing today at exactly 5 pm Eastern.

Who goes home with the new club owner title? Drop your opinion in the comment section.

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